Cityscape - Fused Glass - Fireworx Glass Studio

Cityscape – Fused Glass – Fireworx Glass Studio

There is a second choice for the Salmon Plate XL workshop!

As I was told that not everyone is into creating a fish plate I’m now offering a sample for another possibility. 
This “Cityscape” could be created in this workshop instead of the salmon image. There will be a variety of colours to choose from and the arrangement of buildings and houses is all up to you.

It is still beginner project – with a little help – you will be able to create an art piece like this. It can be shaped (slumped in a mold) or left flat. The final glass piece could be wall mounted or stand upright with a clear stand.

Here is a link to the “Salmon plate / Cityscape” workshop:
“Salmon plate / Cityscape”


Cityscape - Fireworx Glass Studio

Cityscape – Fireworx Glass Studio