Trading chickens for geckos?

It’s time to update my friends. It’s not easy for me to write that the glass studio will take a break but this is what is happening.
In 2004, same year as little Tyra was born I started fiddling around with glass. Tyra meanwhile has grown into a young lady that claims to be taller than I am, the fiddling around with glass grew as well into something more than a hobby. 
Over the years I’ve created a variety of things using glass, sold pieces, donated pieces and made sure my daughters could grab a last minute gift – quickly from the studio. I had fun!
Looking back at all the things I’ve created I noticed that what I remember most are not the glass pieces – it’s the people I’ve met along the way. It has helped me in so many ways. Thank you for supporting me, taking my classes, wearing my jewellery, shopping for Christmas gifts already in summer and listening to me talk with my weird german accent!
As I’m pretty sure most of you already know – I will keep the story short:
For one last time we are moving away. The house will be rented, the studio doors closed (unless you get a hold of my daughter Jay – to open these) and in just 3 years we will return – My husband should be very close to retirement, I might get some chickens again and my youngest daughter Tyra will be almost done with high school, she is the only one moving with us to Hawaii. Jay Ryan plans to stay in the Valley and Joyce is heading to the big City called Vancouver. 
Lucky me gets to go to Hawaii, learn about the empty nest syndrome and so much more – all at the same time. Yes, it will be an adventure!



As H. Havelock Ellis said: 


“‎All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.”


My travel date is September 1st. Please stay tuned as I’m planning to post more updates with photos via social media. And yes, feel free to stop and come for a visit to the studio. It’s beautiful out in the country right now!
Best wishes, hugs to all.

Abstract Fused Glass Garden Art

Abstract Garden Art – Fused Glass Workshop – Firework Glass Studio

With the nice sunshine yesterday I was able to snap some quick photos for the new “abstract garden art workshop.” I hope you like the image.

There is more information under “classes”. The date is set for April 27th. The nice little shiny focal points you see are created with a very thin layer of silver foil. There are tons of options to create your unique abstract garden art! 

2018 – Glass Art and more!

Air Force Beach – A walk on new years day.

“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” ~ Henry Ellis, British psychologist (1859-1939).

My very fist website had this quote on the bottom of every page. It’s time to pick it up again as I find it still very true.

The new year is asking for a new direction and it’s important to re-evaluate. What is important to us? What are our values? What is it that we truly enjoy doing?

I would like to spend more time this year to work on larger pieces that pull all my knowledge about glass/art/balance together. 

This is a start. I’m keeping it simple. I have made some changes to my schedule to accommodate time to simply focus on my own work. Maybe some fine art classes at a University are just around the corner?
It is important to me to keep my own spirits in a positive mood in order to offer workshops that are about the joy of creating beautiful things. 

Cityscape - Fused Glass - Fireworx Glass Studio

Cityscape – Fused Glass – Fireworx Glass Studio

There is a second choice for the Salmon Plate XL workshop!

As I was told that not everyone is into creating a fish plate I’m now offering a sample for another possibility. 
This “Cityscape” could be created in this workshop instead of the salmon image. There will be a variety of colours to choose from and the arrangement of buildings and houses is all up to you.

It is still beginner project – with a little help – you will be able to create an art piece like this. It can be shaped (slumped in a mold) or left flat. The final glass piece could be wall mounted or stand upright with a clear stand.

Here is a link to the “Salmon plate / Cityscape” workshop:
“Salmon plate / Cityscape”


Cityscape - Fireworx Glass Studio

Cityscape – Fireworx Glass Studio

Summer break

Summer break. Bench at Kitty Coleman Provincial park.

It’s time to re-charge the batteries.

It was a busy summer time with craft fairs and lots of visitors to the studio. Thanks for all the support I received and the positive feedback!

I will enjoy a break from September 10th until the end of the month and travel. During this time I will still check and answer e-mails but not as frequently as usual.

My phone/text might not work, depending on the area I’m in.

For the month of October, November and December I’ve updated the calendar with workshops and dates for shows – if you have some time, please check it out. 

See you later! Enjoy the sunshine! 

Map – Nautical Days 2017 – Comox

Comox Nautical Days 2017

Just a few more days… As there have been some improvements to the park Dawn and I have slightly moved our location.

Booth #100 and #101 are the first ones you will see when heading towards the park. We should be super easy to find and are looking forward to see you!

Here is a link to the website – tons of fun for everyone:

Comox – Nautical Days 2017

Melting glass – window hanging

Fused glass - window hanging

Fused glass – window hanging

Tuesday June 27th,

10:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Another way to learn about melting glass – as well called glass fusing.

With the use of stringers, frit and maybe some paint we will create a 8″ x 10″ window hanging on clear glass. We will talk about different design elements and learn to manipulate stringers with the help of a torch or candle. Frit and powder can create multiple effects. There will be a variety of glass colours to choose from to learn how to cut glass.

This class leaves a lot of space for your own imagination. Please feel free to bring any images for reference. We will talk about the effect of temperature and time during the firing process.

To be able to hang the glass panel once it is fired we will add some high temperature wire loops.

At the end of this class the student’s work will be ready to go into the kiln. The fired project will be ready for pick up around 7-14 days after the workshop.

Student limit per class: 6

Material, use of tools and one glass furing is included. $75/per student. (pre-registration please)
To see some student work from previous classes please visit my Facebook page:

Photos/Albums/student projects/window hangings

(Use the contact form at the top of the home page to contact me about the date/availability of the class you would like to attend)
The date of the workshop might be postponed if less than 4 students register.

Salmon plate – XL – glass fusing workshop

XL - Salmon Plate - Fireworx Glass Studio Fused glass plate, 7" x 19.5"

XL – Salmon Plate – Fireworx Glass Studio
Fused glass plate, 7″ x 19.5″

Tuesday August 15th, 2017,
10:00am – 1:00pm
ThursdayAugust 17th, 2017,
10:00 – 1:00pm

(2 day workshop)

Fun and educational: glass fusing workshop

The finished project is a large plate that is usable, food safe and a decorative piece of art when not in use. The design shown is an example. You can create your own, using a multitude of available colours. Sheet glass, frit, stringers, all tools, two firings, a small snack and soft drinks will be provided in this class. The project will be fired twice after the weekend workshop and ready for pick up around 3 weeks after the class.

It might be helpful to think of images you would like to create on the plate. Please feel free to bring any samples of images for reference. This class is suitable for beginners, returning glass fusers or stained glass artists.

From start to finish I will guide every student through the process.

$155/per student. (pre-registration please)


Class limit is 6 students.
The date of the class might be postponed if less than 4 students register.

Please use the contact form on this website to inquire about availability. I will get back to you within 2 or 3 days. Closer to the date of the class I will mail out an invoice, it can be paid online if you wish.


XL - Salmon Plate - Fireworx Glass Studio Fused glass plate, 7" x 19.5"

XL – Salmon Plate – Fireworx Glass Studio
Fused glass plate, 7″ x 19.5″

XL - Salmon Plate - Fireworx Glass Studio Fused glass plate, 7" x 19.5"

XL – Salmon Plate – Fireworx Glass Studio
Fused glass plate, 7″ x 19.5″




Fused Glass Garden Art – Funky Birds

Funky bird with dichroic glass

Saturday August 19th 2017, 10:00am – 2:00pm
and Sunday August 20th 2017, 10:00am – 2:00pm.

(2 day workshop)

Fun and educational: Fused Glass Garden Art.

In this class each student will create 2 “funky birds” and 2 flowers as garden decoration.

We will go through the process of glass cutting, learn about powders, melt glass stringers and even use some dichroic glass for accents. Everything will be explained step by step so it is easy to follow for beginner glass fusers.

The projects will be fired after the weekend workshop. We will meet again to finish the pieces and fit these into handmade metal stands (made by John Czegledi). The two smaller garden flowers will be glued onto a glass base –  (ready to go into your garden).

Material, use of tools and glass fusings are included. $220/per student. (pre-registration please)

Your projects to take home: 2 funky birds, 2 handmade metal stands, 2 fused glass flowers, 2 glass stands.

Class limit is 6 students.
The date of the class might be postponed if less than 4 students register.


Central Island Studio Tour 2017 – May 5th, 6th and 7th

The Central Island Studio Tour is becoming an annual event – everyone is waiting for it!

57 locations will open their doors for visitors during this 3 day event. Explore the beauty of the central Island region!

Please take a self guided tour – and meet the artists in their habitats. As some locations are the home or hosts of multiple artists there is such a large variety to explore.
The “Central Island Arts Guide” is now printed and will be available at the Art Galleries of your neighbourhood, libraries and most coffeeshops.
At any participating studio you could pick up your guide as well.

These guides will be available all year round and offer an easy way to connect with local artisans and crafters in case you missed something during the studio tour dates.

I would love it if you could help to spread the news and makes this years event even better the the previous ones.

Here is a link to the official Central Island Studio Tour 2017 website – it will be filled with more information and photos in the next few days!

Thanks for your help!