Fireworx team BC on Kiva

Make a loan, change a life.

Recently, after much thought, I’ve set up a team page on Kiva.

In short, I feel – and most likely others have felt the same – that quite a few things are out of balance in our world. While I can’t fix everything and much of it is left for our children or next generations to be sorted out – I do feel that all of us have the capacity to just help a little bit.

I’ve been myself a lender since 2011 and have helped multiple other women and men via KIVA. I now feel we can do it as a team.

Whenever we get together for a workshop we will be able to give micro loans to other artist women or men on the other side of the planet. Maybe in Kenya, Tonga or in the Philippines someone will profit from a donation that comes from our workshop in BC, Canada.

If we can keep this going we can actually have a REAL positive impact.

I’m happy to explain a bit more about KIVA when we meet. Until then, please feel free to read about it here:


If you feel like looking into the details of my KIVA history, please feel free to check this out:

KIVA Lender Sabine Arends

KIVA Portfolio Sabine Arends

A donation of $25 is already included when you sign up for a class, – no worries – there is nothing left to do or organize on your side.