Free Style – 8 week glass fusing workshop

fusible glass
fusible glass

A new 8 week glass fusing workshop will be offered during the month of January, February and March.
This is happening for the first time here in the Comox Valley at Firework Glass Studio.

The classes will run once a week. Your available choice is Tuesday or Thursday from 10am until 2pm.




Tuesday classes: January 24th until March 7th
Thursday classes: January 26th until March 9th

Class size will be limited to 5 students.

My goal is to give you a deeper understanding of the possibilities and limitations of glass fusing with a kiln. During the first two classes we will go over the basics of glass cutting and practice with some cutting exercises. Firing schedules and a variety of different glass fusing options will be discussed.

The last 4 weeks will be open for students to bring in ideas for glass fusing projects. If needed – I have collected many project  ideas that you may choose from. Students will work independently on their own projects. I will be there to guide you as necessary  and answer any questions you may have to maximize your learning experience.

Things like wall art, window hangings, plates and dishes will be on our list.

It is necessary during these classes for you to own your own tools and work with your own sheet glass. These supplies can be purchased at my studio (glass cutter, running pliers, ruler, black sharpie and optional cutting board = $55 to $120, depending on your choice of glass cutter and work board). Fusible glass will be sold by 12″ x 12″ or 6″ x 12″ sizes. Expected material cost to make a few projects are $60 to $100.

4 glass firings in a 13″ round kiln are included. The use of grinder, sandblaster and drill press is available if desired.

Cost for this workshop: $300 for 8 classes. (you may pick the classes offered on Tuesdays or those offered on Thursdays).

Here is a search result for fused glass on Pinterest – just to show the variety of things that are possible to create:
fused glass on Pinterest